Is Razer’s new phone worth buying?

Razer. The company founded in 2005 is greatly known for making gaming products such as computers, keyboards, and mice. Ever since Razer bought NextBit, a small company who made phones such as the Robin, people have been wondering what they’d do with it, until now.

The all-new Razer phone seems to be build specifically for mobile gaming, watching a movie and TV shows and entertainment such as those. It is packed with tons of media delivery goodies such as 8 GB RAM, high 120Hz refresh rate, 12 MP dual primary cameras, 4000 mAh, and two amazing front speakers. The design is slightly heavy but has great functionality and layout.
Obviously, these specs seem really nice for a phone, especially for Razer’s first phone. But there are some problems in contrast. Problems! There are always problems!

Like the iPhone, there is no headphone jack, rather an adapter connecting to the phone’s dongle jack input. Following that, the phone does not support Bluetooth 5, which is a huge problem for some users. Most modern phones today have a water and dust resistance to its body, but the Razer phone sadly does not. The phone is ran and powered by Android but does not have the new Android 8.0 Oreo quite yet. But thinking past all those, I’d say the biggest problem for most users, is that the Razer phone is not compatible with Sprint or Verizon.

Overall, Razer’s first phone is OK in some parts.. Though I’d only recommend the phone for people who play mobile games a lot and love watching entertainment. But for work and socializing is your priority, this is most definitely not a very good phone for you.