Fortune 100 Methodology Building Your Brand

We’ve invested the past 17 years fine tuning our brand building company skills.  Serving Clients such as Nissan North America and Mazda early on set the pace for high quality brand building methodologies that go into our behind the scene services.  It’s time to realize your brand is a lot more then your logo.  iUpgrade will help you maximize your brand quality, recognition and long term business growth.

brand-buildingBrand Building

Branding your product or service is critical for return business. If your company has a generic offering then you are not giving your customers a reason to return. If within your brand you instill a value they cannot get anywhere else, then you have earned a return customer. This is the essence of a great brand. Building your brand will give you long term sustainability and will build trust with your customers. They will learn to depend upon your brand and what it represents when placed on a product or service. iUpgrade specializes in building brands. Whether you need a new brand developed or a brand upgrade, we are expert at building and improving your brand.

Brand development starts with passion. What are you most passionate about that you sell? What is the core essence of what you offer? How is your offering unique? Pulling these important elements out to create a message is vital to creating the imagery and messaging of a brand. Let us help you build a solid brand that will give you and your customers ROI now and in the future.

Brand Management

Retain the market share you have fought for.  iUpgrade offers a wide array of brand management services; brand identity upgrades, brand messaging and thoughtful campaigns, catchy media, interactive contests, event promotions and more.  Maintain your position in the market and increase customer loyalty through your brand and what it represents and offers your customers.

Brand Message

What does your brand say about you and your company? How does it communicate what you are offering? Looking at your brand and absorbing your brand messaging, should your customers trust you? Does your brand have integrity? The term, “In a nutshell” perfectly communicates what your brand function is. It communicates a message in a short moment of time. A prospective customer will spend 3 seconds deciding if they want to learn more about you.  This gives you a brief opportunity to communicate your unique offering. Once that opportunity is gone, it could be gone for good. Take advantage of the brand opportunity and leave an impression with your customer that will last to draw them back again. If they feel they trust your brand, they will return and possibly bring some friends with them. The iUpgrade team has helped build brands such as RedBull, PacSun, Billabong, Shae Homes, Jeremy Camp, Black and Decker and many more.

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Brand Upgrade

Often an established brand could use an upgrade.  Whether the brand upgrade is a professional polish or creating an animated version of your logo, iUpgrade provides full brand upgrade services.  Maybe you have a long established brand that needs some customer focus group testing, A/B split testing or other brand recognition testing to determine and confirm what brand upgrades need to be implemented.  Changing the company brand can be an extremely touchy operation that needs to be done with care so as not to through off your loyal market group while attracting and introducing new customers.

A critical first step to improving your brand is often upgrading your logo. iUpgrade provides a full logo upgrade service. We revisit your core brand message, visuals currently being used, long term goals and points of product and service improvement. We work these brand upgrades into your logo and brand messaging to produce a fresh, polished, revised version of your brand. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary we can even create an animated 3D version of your logo that animates into your website and other media points.