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Project Description

iUpgrade’s founder, Christian Lee, started his professional career providingĀ 3D animation for Dreamworks Interactive, reporting to Steven Spielberg. This foundation of animating dinosaurs for the Jurassic Park video game strengthened Mr. Lee’s animation and video skills that are offered through iUpgrade. This experience applies directly to iUpgrade’s video services in that all production is brought through a rigorous and detailed attention to detail. Storyboards are planned out before the shoot in order to craft an intentional message. You can be sure of receiving a final video product that will help you along the path of make your dream work.

Brandy Lee

Brandy Lee loves to promote business and brands that inspire and make a positive impact. She is an International Marketing Executive with her experience being founded upon a blend of Fortune 100, technology and behavioral design methodologies. In her spare time (what’s that?) she enjoys writing about technology, health, travel and science fiction.

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