Project Description

iUpgrade specializes in helping to “make visions reality”. In order to make a vision reality you need a clear blueprint or plan. One of the best visuals to use before a prototype is made and before construction begins is a rending.  The 3D rending can be a 360 degree visual of a product or a virtual walk through of a building or property.


This 3D rending was made for a Client who is constructing a campus in Haiti using metal containers.  The challenge was constructing a design that turns a boxed, cube construct into a flowing smart accommodation space. Considering a 3D rendering before any construction budget is spent saves a large amount of money, is very efficient and ensures that the proper architectural design is followed.  The rendering allows a team of construction and architectural experts to come together to discuss the best course of action before any work is begun.  It increases collaboration and team work and saves money.

If your company would like to optimize your project by investing in a 3D render before work is begun in order to save a large amount of budget, give iUpgrade a call today! We provide professional autocad, 3D rending for products, buildings, construction or any other object that needs construction or manufacturing.