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increase customersImplement a Customer Growth Strategy

Increasing customers involves a lot more then launching a website and slapping in some search engine optimization (SEO).  The key to customer growth is an accurate, well rounded, targeted customer growth strategy.  iUpgrade specializes in formulating a custom roadmap for your web marketing strategy.  A few elements that go into obtaining customer growth include;

Quality Content

How important is quality content? Well, let’s see. The bible says, “In the beginning was the Word…”. A child’s first epic event is when they say their first word. Humans and animals are separated by words.

Language as well as the faculty of speech, was the immediate gift of God. — Noah Webster.

Words, written and said, are the crux of communication. Enter the digital world which consists of two different forms of words; human and robot.

Human words and images communicate to…you guessed it…the humans.

Content data both human facing and behind the scene in code communicate to the robots.

The “robots” are machines that analyze the quality of your content. They need to be fed equally with rich human food and rich code food. Feeding this content monster has a trendy name called “SEO” or Search Engine Optimization. Enter iUpgrade, your SEO content provider. We know just the right mix of content for both parties; humans and robots.

Selecting the correct content; words and images for your web communications is key to attracting the right kind of customer to your unique business.

The difference between the right word and the almost right word is like the difference between lightning and the lightning bug. — Mark Twain.

The bottom line is that if you want return customers and optimized organic search engine results then you will supply high quality, useful information that directly relates with what you specialize in. We have sixteen years of quality content SEO experience. Let us help you architect just the right mix of content to attract organic customer traffic to your website and web communications. We have just the right SEO monthly management plan for you.

SEO Management

Get just the right mix of human and robot SEO food for your web marketing.


One of the most effective ways to improve your SEO is to produce a 3 minute quality video commercial about your products and services. iUpgrade is expert at setting up a video event, assisting with content selection, helping with a script outline, directing and editing a professional quality video. This produces rich content that greatly benefits your customers. It is true that a picture says a thousand words and a video much more.
If you have a professional videographer we provide full editing and SEO implementation services with the video you provide us or you can schedule iUpgrade to come out to shoot the video event.

Everybody and their brother says they provide “SEO” website services.  iUpgrade kicked it’s first SEO service offering, called ScreamOut, off in 2000.  At that time we had to explain to each customer why Search Engine Optimization was something they should care about.  We don’t have to explain that anymore!  Since offering SEO services in 2000 our SEO offerings have changed quite a bit.  We have developed a unique methodology for optimizing search engine ranking.  We know what works and have a method that will work for you.


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