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Twitter Success Stories

Top Twitter Success Stories As of January 2017 there are 500 million tweets posted each day. There are approximately 7.4 billion people on the planet.  The number of tweets per day is only going to rise as people become Internet connected and learn of Twitters quick and easy chat and picture capacity.  The creative uses [...]

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Top 3 Website Upgrades

Do you need a facelift?  If your over 40 then you probably are thinking "yes"!  Although iUpgrade does not upgrade biological material (yet), we can give you a digital facelift. Most likely your business website could use an upgrade. There is a large number of important features your website needs in order to obtain or [...]

How to set up a Facebook business account

How to set up facebook for a business - important first steps: Step 1. Go to and click on "Create a Page".         Step 2. Select Business Page Type Categories to choose from; Local Business or Place - Choose this category if you are a local business who serves primarily your [...]

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Quarter of a Million Views

Santa Ana, CA YouTube Video Success Jerry's Broken Drill and Tap Removal, an iUpgrade marketing services Client, just reached a quarter of a million views for their much appraised YouTube video featuring the right way to remove a broken tap. The video provides a detailed instructional tutorial on how to properly use a Metal Disintegration [...]

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What Creates Brand Loyalty

Brand Loyalty Brand loyalty can run deep.  When a consumer decides that they are loyal to a brand, it is very difficult to sway them away to the competition.  Take Coke and Pepsi as an example.  For years these two companies have fought to maintain their market share with their respective customer loyalty.  These two [...]

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