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Project Description

iUpgrade is a full service SEO marketing agency.  Nick’s Glass & Mirrors, an iUpgrade SEO marketing Client, is a window, glass and mirror installation company located in Orange County, California. We provide brand, website and organic SEO web marketing for this window and glass provider. Nick’s Glass & Mirrors is an expert, professional glass and mirror provider in Orange County, California.  It’s owner, Nick Rocco, used to spend all of his marketing budget on the Yellow Pages.  Since 2008 he has been a Client who we started off with a simple SEO rich html website designed to attract the local business he used to get being listed in the Yellow Pages. After the initial three month launch phase the relevant traffic started to flow to his business website and they haven’t stopped ever since.  Every year he does a simple SEO maintenance package that maintains traffic.  When he wants to increase traffic he opts for the SEO Booster Pack for the month. We work along side of Nick’s Glass and Mirrors to make sure the right type of customers are calling in and to control the work flow.


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